Preventing multiple same ElectronJS apps to run at single time

I am building an EelectronJS app and successfully release it as an executable Windows program.

But the problem is when the app is already running, if I double-click again that .exe file, the second window of this app is running, but buggy. I don’t want it. So here is the solution:

How to change WordPress footer text with JavaScript

There is a common way to edit footer text of a WordPress site theme, it’s by modifying footer.php file. But if you got a new update of your theme, you will lose that, the footer reverted back to the original footer file.

But if you put this a few line of JavaScript codes in your widget, no matter how often you update the theme, you will have your own custom footer.

In this video I’ll show you how to do it:

Basic Unity and Client-Server Request-Response with PHP

In order to make our Unity game connected to the online world, it must be able to send requests to and get responses from our server.

In this tutorial you will see the basic way to make our game able to communicate to PHP server side script.

Creating a Menu System that Hides and Shows Divs and Sections


This is a short tutorial about creating simple menu system that if you click a menu item, it will show a div and hide another divs.

With using this system you can make a single page web app nicely.

Watch the video here:

How to Export HTML Table to Excel File with JavaScript

Let’s say we have a huge data in an HTML table. Now we need to export it as an Excel file. What to do?

Basically, we can select entire table, copy and paste it into a blank Excel document.

Or, if we code it in JavaScript, here how we can achieve that. Watch this video: